Wednesday, August 20, 2008

OMG! It's been a month!

Yikes! I can't believe I haven't updated in a month. It seems like it's been a whirlwind since we came home from the beach with getting the retreat house ready.

First, let me tell you a little bit about the kids...Devon is getting ready to start preschool and we are both excited. I got her a little backpack and we've gotten some new clothes for school. She's a busy little lady during the day playing, playing, playing, and waiting for daddy to come home. Kinsey is 8 months old already! She is a little bugger. She's crawling everywhere and pulls herself up on anything she can. She loves to have things in her hands at all times...even when she's crawling. No teeth yet, but I think they are on the way. At least, I hope that is what explains some of her crabby moods. Devon is learning to be a good big sister and share her toys, which is proving to be pretty difficult at the moment.

Next up, what have I been doing creatively? Well, I've been participating in a contest at Transparent Touches and Tags. My scrappy friend in real life Jen is hosting it. I subscribe to TTT, so this is a great contest for me! We just have to make layouts using the kit. These are some of my very favorite kits, so it's easy for me to create with them. Monica has such great taste in products. Here are some layouts I've done for the contest. It's based on Page Maps sketches.

This first one is of Devon. We are finally finished potty training! It actually went very well. I had to strategically place a flower on her bare butt so the whole world wouldn't see it...LOL.

Next is Kinsey and her 5 month photos. We do this every month for the girls, or at least during the first year. It's fun to look back on. Of course Devon has to get in on the action!

And finally, here's one of Kinsey at the beach. Erik dressed her and brought her over. She looked so cute bundled up in her cover up! Can you tell I was paranoid about her getting sunburn?

In other news, the retreat house is going AWESOME! I can't believe it's really finished! I'll post pics later of my friends who stayed a few weekends ago.


Carrie said...

My favorite is still the potty on with the flower on her butt. I am genna have to do something like that!

Lisa said...

Love the strategically placed flower on the potty LO! So funny!