Monday, December 15, 2008

Poof! Where'd my post go? And a contest...

Well, I thought I updated last week, but my post isn't here! So let's see...

I've had 2 sick little girls over the past couple of weeks. Both ended up with ear infections. We just had Kinsey's first birthday party this weekend. I'll get pictures up sometime!

I've really just been busy with the retreat house, and the girls. I made a new website for the retreat house which you can check out here---------------> The Hamburg Hideaway

Make sure you book mark the new site and sign up for the newsletter!

And now, I'm having a little contest. I ran one of these when I opened my retreat house and it was a great success! I just have to add more because the wall is huge!

Here are the details:
*Create a 12 x 12 layout with inspiration as the theme (the winning layouts will be chosen to hang at my retreat house in the crop room) (create, dream, inspire, wish, etc.)
*Your layouts can have photos if you want, but they don't have too.
*You must be willing to mail me your layout to hang up!
*Winners will receive a scrapbooking kit, or some scrappy supplies with a retail value of $18.00!
*Contest ends Jan. 31st!
*Email your entries to me at with Layout Contest in the subject line.